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SAT Summer Intensive

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Program Schedule 

June 26 - August 18 

Monday -Thursday 9 AM-3 PM

Friday 9 AM-1 PM

Our Teachers 

Danny Son


- 22 Years of Experience 
-  DC Law

- GA Tech B.S. 



- 19 Years of Experience  
- GA Tech B.S



26 Years of Experience 
- Columbia Masters

- U Chicago B.S.



20 Years of Experience 
USC Masters

More than an
SAT Program

While we tout an effective SAT prep program, we know that SATs are just one part of the admissions review process. Therefore, we offer additional opportunities to out summer students to give them a distinct advantage on their college resumes.


1. Startups 

Once the summer is over, we offer a unique startup opportunity to help students create their own organization. Using our existing partnerships, we help students make a big impact in the community.


2. Internship

Throughout the year, we provide internship opportunities that enrich students’ real world experiences and perspectives. Opportunities vary by seasons.


3. Guidance 

As we teach students, we often find ourselves in mentorship positions over time. From college advice to course selections, we continue helping students well after summer is over.


8 Week 


7 Week 


6 Week 


Additional Information



Students can pack lunch or order from Megabytes Eatery (10% Discount).



Prime Academy’s campus consists of 3 consists of 3 offices, totaling approximately 7000 sq ft of space. 


Priority Registration for those who are enrolling 8 weeks. We will have a waitlist for people who want to enroll for 6 or 7 weeks until April 1st. 
Our enrollment usually fills up by April 1st. 

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